It must be so nice to be loved.
- Daul Kim (via 5weetsorrow)

(Source: daulism)

Standing, smiling I greet people
And if for a moment, in the elevator,
I close my eyes, falling into a fantasy about becoming a bird
I get off, drinking in the air of the city
- (via coldjusan)

ARTIST: The Verve
ALBUM: Urban Hymns
TRACK: The Drugs Don't Work
PLAYS: 1,041


The Verve - The Drugs Don’t Work


There was a man
Who once had beautiful
Haunting blue eyes
Beautiful magnetic
Heroin eyes
Bitter disguise
Too sad to care
So entirely futile
He just wanted die
Close his capturing eyes
Not see the evil in this world
Find his paradise
Find his peace
And so he did…